The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is a private, 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation serving the youth of our community since 1951.

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...And They're Off! 1st Pitch of The 2019 Season
by posted 03/20/2019

1st pitch of the 2019 Season at 3&2 on a beautiful March afternoon, as Shawnee Mission West JV takes on Olathe Northwest. Good luck to all our high school, 3&2 league, and tournament teams this season. Go make some memories.

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2019 Spring Schedule Released
by posted 03/12/2019

2019 League Schedules Released

2019 Spring/Summer Baseball Schedules Released

3&2 is pleased to report the release of the 2019 Spring/Summer Baseball Schedule.  We are excited to get going this season by putting the long winter behind us and getting outside with some spring/summer ball.  We have terrific league divisions at all age levels, and we look forward to an outstanding season that gets kicked off April 2nd. 

You can always view your schedule from your team’s home page.  To access that page,no go to>Team>Choose Team>Your Grade Level>Division>Your Team.

From that page, you can click the schedule option on the left-hand side of the screen and view your schedule. As the season progresses, games you have played drop off of your schedule sequentially and your standings are updated accordingly. 

The league expects you to play your schedule as it has been planned, but if your team does have a situation where you are unable to field a team for a game, please let the league staff and your opponent know ASAP.  We will discuss some scheduling options for you.  By rule, you must notify the league and your opponent 3 days in advance for the game not to be forfeited.  We don’t want forfeits so please work with your team to prioritize their 3&2 games as they have been scheduled this season. 

If a coach contacts you and wants to reschedule a game, consider carefully what if any hardship that may put on your team.  Too often in previous seasons, well intentioned coaches have agreed to re-schedule multiple games and log-jammed their own team’s schedules on the back end of the season.  This hurt their own team's experience. If your opponent can field 8-9 players, let’s play ball for the kids who can play and not delay or reschedule for a few that can’t. 

Good Rescheduling Communication Example

If you do agree to reschedule a game with a team that by rule is permissible and doesn’t put a hardship on your team, good communication to the league is important.  Please email League Program Manager Deron Toomay at and copy Assistant Director Shanna Christopher at with requisite information to complete the request.  Example: 

3&2, I have confirmed with Coach XYZ of Team #777, and we have agreed reschedule our game on May 30th.  Please reschedule the following game:

Original Game: Team 777-778 on Sept 30th on field #5.

New Game Proposal: Team 777-778 October 4th at 8PM on field #3

Please confirm the new game proposal and move this game.

We will then confirm the move if it can be accommodated and update your schedule, which triggers a message to all the parents affiliated with your team that signed up for alerts. 

Note: Unless there’s a scheduling error, we do not move games after the schedule has been made official for the season without both coaches consent so if a game moves without your knowledge, contact us. 


Rainouts will be re-scheduled by the league no more than 2 days after the rainout occurred.  In the event we re-schedule a rainout game into a conflict inadvertently, let us know immediately and we’ll attempt to coordinate a new date and time.  Though the league will schedule this for you, if you would like to be pro-active and reschedule your own rainout, please read the master GRID, coordinate with your opponent and notify the league ASAP.  This is particularly helpful if you know your team can play within the next few days of the rainout.  By default we schedule them out at least a week. 

The Master GRID

3&2 maintains a master scheduling GRID that shows all activity on all our fields each day of the season.  There are a few codes you need to know in order to interpret the data that the master schedule GRID displays. It’s really simple if you break it down.

RO=Spot reserved for a rain out or re-scheduled game

X=Field is not available

Team # - Team # =Field is occupied by the two team numbers listed in the cell. Each league team or affiliate has either a team number or mnemonic (ex. SMS = Shawnee Mission South) assigned to them. 

The image below is a snippet from a previous seasons master schedule GRID with explanations of the data displayed in the overhead captions or arrows.

The master GRID should coordinate with your league schedule on at all times.  If you ever notice anything out of synch, please contact us. 

Where can I play?

All age groups can’t play on all fields at 3&2.  However, many 3&2 fields are setup to handle multiple age levels.  The table below shows the common pitching and base distance and corresponding fields at 3&2 you can play on.  The majority of the playing possibilities are listed below, but we do attempt to put you on to the most age appropriate field possible at all times.  For example, field #17 is setup to handle either the 46/65 ft pitching/base or 50/70 ft distances.  We prefer to put 3rd-4th grade on field #17 because it’s more age appropriate than for 5th-6th graders, but we can and will put higher grade levels on that field from time to time as a secondary location.  

Grade Level


Field Options




1st – 2nd Grade

44/60 ft.

10-13, 26, SMSD1-4

3rd-4th Grade

46/65 ft.

3-6, 14-17, 22, 23

5th-6th Grade

50/70 ft.

4,6,8,9,14-16, 18, 19

7th-8th Grade

54/80 ft.


9th Grade

60/90 ft.


Now Go Have a Great Season!

We hope you’re happy with your 2019 league baseball schedule at 3&2.  It’s a very arduous task to schedule the thousands of games amongst the 100s of teams with numerous conflicts, but it’s a task we take great pride in doing well.  That said, we know a perfect schedule is impossible so if we made an error, oversight, or something else with regards to your schedule, please know that it was not intentional, and we’ll work with you to correct it if necessary. 

Please also know that with everything this season, we’re here to work with you at 3&2 to make your baseball experience with us as good as it can be and hopefully contribute to promoting youth baseball alongside you, your players, and families for this season and years to come. 

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LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP! Umpire Training Academy Starts Sunday
by posted 03/09/2019




Are you looking for a challenge that will:

  • Develop your leadership skills?
  • Enhance your decision making capabilities?
  • Make you more confident in conflict management?

We invite you to join the 3&2 family of umpires where you will:

  • Impact thousands of lives by providing a memorable, fair and fun game experience.
  • Learn the game from a different and expanded view.
  • Develop your abilities and work your way up to higher level games.

Register today for our first of three 3&2 Umpire Training Academies for new or beginning umpires. You must currently be in 8th grade or older to participate. $25 registration fees includes training, materials and upon completion of the class, an umpire hat and shirt so you are prepared for your first games!

Join our 3&2 umpire family.

Click here to learn more and register for our next Umpire Training Academy.


The 3&2 Umpire Training Academy will be held:

  • Spring Session – March 24-26 & 28
  • Summer Session – June 2-4 & 6
  • Late Summer/Early Fall Session – August 18-20 & 22
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T-Ball at 3&2 - Deadline is Approaching
posted 03/02/2019

Do you have a pre-schooler in your family that wants to play T-Ball?


The 3&2 Baseball Club of Johnson County is offering two sessions of T-ball in 2019. The spring session will begin April 6th and run thru May 18th followed by our summer session starting June 1st and running thru July 13th. Registration is already underway and the deadline for spring registration is March 15th, and the deadline for summer registration is April 30th. To register, click on the orange, REGISTER NOW button on the home page of the 3&2 web site.

Parents are needed as coaches and managers for these teams. Put together your own team or build a team from players that sign up through open registration. 3&2 provides everything you need, including equipment, uniform t-shirts and hats!

Players need to be four years old by June 1st to be eligible.

Teams are formed by high school boundary area and games are played on Saturdays near the team's home area at the following locations.

  • Indian Hill Middle School (63rd & Mission Road)
  • Shawnee's Gum Spring Park (67th Street between Nieman and Quivira)
  • Lenexa's Freedom Fields (83rd and Monticello)
  • Shawnee's Stump Park (47th & Woodland)
  • 3&2's West Complex (83rd & Monticello)
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